Visions of Excess London


Ron Athey and I collaborated once again again to curate a 12 hour communion with the ragged spirit of Georges Bataille, exploring the "scatological philosophers” key themes of death, eroticism and the forbidden. Our intention was not merely to programme a multi-media happening, but to lay down the map for an esoterotic journey into the heart of darkness. Our concept for Visions of Excess was never a tidy one, the aim was to produce a perfect mess, strategise a series of installation options, stage gestures of defiance, frame out space but leave room for transgressive acts of participation and rampant exhibitionism

Hosted by David Hoyle and featuring live performances from Franko B, Ron Athey, Lee Adams, Bruce La Bruce, Julie Tolentino, Christophe Chemin, Mother Flawless Sabrina, Zackary Drucker, Suka Off, Kira O'Reilly, Veenus Vortex, Dominic Johnson, Gio Black Peter, Lazlo Pearlman, Nicole Blackman, L. Gabrielle Penabaz, Samantha Sweeting, Ashley Ryder, SmaxXx and Mouse plus video work and photography by Genesis P Orridge, Peter Christopherson, SUPERM, Boxikus, Hector de Gregorio and Terence Koh among others Visions of Excess created a swirling, vertiginous “total derangement of the senses” to induce personal transfiguration and the expansion of consciousness

Visions of Excess was commissioned by Spill Festival 2009 and presented at SHUNT Vaults London on Easter  Sunday 2009

We are pleased to announce the DVD featuring documentation from Visions of Excess has been published by the

Live Art Development Agency and is now available to buy from the Unbound bookshop


Documentation courtesy of Richard J Anderson, Regis Hertrich and Ashley