The Church of the Late Night Sinners presents


MIX Festival, New York City. Saturday 17th November. 8pm

A collection of artists & filmmakers which have an affiliation to the “Generation Hex” era, blending old school and new school: many of these participants are connected and collaborate with each other. This program/line-up deals with the occult and esoteric each individual has his/her own unique interpretation of this theme. Jason Louv, in his introduction to Generation Hex (2006), states that the book is a snapshot of those “who are not only delving into this art [of magick] and science of the future, but who are coming to magical consciousness at a time when it has never been easier to find and link up with people of like minds and experience.”  This is a video survey of such people.  As Scott Treleaven, in the final issue of This is the Salivation Army (1999), said: “We are the new circus.  And we are the envy  of the fucking World.”  — Daniel McKernan  & Richie Rennt, curators

Venue: 72 Greene St. (between Spring & Broome) New York, NY 10012

For more information please visit:   THIS  SCREENING HAS NOW SOLD OUT

Re-Visions of Excess - Closing Party for Fierce Festival 2007. Sunday 3rd June. 7pm - 1am

Fierce! Festival’s tenth anniversary celebrations reached their climax with Revisions Of Excess. A reappraisal of the acclaimed Visions Of Excess event in 2003  Revisions Of Excess was co-curated by Ron Athey and myself. Taking place at the Pink Flamingo lap dancing club, Revisions Of Excess took the form of a series of works from a selecton of international artists inspired by the nihilistic writings of Jean Genet and George Bataille. Hosted by the inimitable David Hoyle, the line up of performers included, Kira O’Reilly, Veenus Vortex, Empress Stah, Valentina Violette of The Velvet Hammer Burlesque, Dominic Johnson, Ashley Ryder, Lazlo Pearlaman, Mouse  & many more.  Music by David TG (Torture Garden) & Kaos DJ’s Dr Mu & Bradley Kaos plus visuals from Black Sun Productions, Suka Off & VJ Oskur.


Encounters My recent collaboration with Photographer Manuel Vason and Empress Stah is included in the book Encounters published by Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol on Saturday 8th June. This new collection has emerged from a series of collaborations between Vason and a range of international artists working in performance; either a re-staging or unique performance for his camera. His vividly constructed images explore the physical body in its diversity, in the physical environment and the relationship between the live event and the captured image

Other featured artists include Ron Athey, Stuart Brisley, Guillermo Gomez Pena, Steven Cohen and Franko B amongst many others

Initiation at Body Probe. Friday 18th May 2007. 11.30pm - 12.15am THIS EVENT HAS NOW SOLD OUT

I was joined by the legendary father of the Modern Primitives Fakir Musafer on stage for Initiation - a ritual suspension performance also featuring Cleo Dubois, TJ Burleigh, Elwood, Justin Allen and Kamelyan

Initiation has never before been performed in the UK. It was presented as part of Fakir’s UK tour. Body Probe was part of the Torture Garden Birthday Weekend and also featured performances by Suka Off, Uniform and Satomi + screenings by Channel 83 and visuals by Espira

In Advance of a Broken Arm at Festival Cinemarges, Bordeaux. Monday 30th April 2007. 10.15pm My short film In Advance of a Broken Arm was screened as part of the Corpus Queer programme of the Soiree de Cloture, part of the Festival Cinemarges, 27th - 30th April

Tickets: 5 euros

Venue: Espace 29. 29 rue Fernand Marin, Bordeaux

For more information please visit:

In Advance of a Broken Arm at the 2nd Festival de Cinema Queer, Paris. Tuesday 20th March 2007

(part of the ‘Freaks' double-bill with Ulrike Ottinger's 'Freak Orlando' at 6pm)

The Festival which runs from 16th - 23rd March also featured seminal works by Leigh Bowery, Charles Atlas, Hans Scheirl, Del LaGrace Volcano, Oreet Ashery and Steven Cohen

Cinema l'Entrepot

7/9 rue Francis de Pressense

75014 Paris

Metro Pernety - ligne 13

Tarifs: 5€ / seance ou 40€ Pass Festival

The full programme is available as a pdf from:

Western European Stages Dominic Johnson has reviewed my performance installation The Language of Flowers and Ron Athey’s Solar Anus as part of a journal article on current performance art practices in the UK. The article also features performances by David Hoyle, Marisa Carnesky and Hancock & Kelly Live

Individual copies can be ordered from:

Western European Stages

Martin E. Segal Theatre Center

365 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10019 USA

Undercover Surrealism - Picasso, Miró, Masson and the vision of Georges Bataille

The live art event The Monster in the Night of the Labyrinth at the Hayward Gallery, that I curated with Ron Athey, has been reviewed by Kate Random Love for the  Total Theatre Magazine. to subscribe please visit

Photographs from this event can be found on the ‘Monster’ page of this website

The Live Art Development Agency have recently added documentation from Iconostasis, The Mark of Cain and Porca Miseria to their Study Room DVD archive

Documentation from the Bindu Point collaboration with digital media artist Martin Franklin, performed last year at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast has been published in Volume 05 of the Body, Space, Technology Journal


current projects + recent news

Ordeal by Roses has recently been touring internationally as part of the Homoccult and other Esoterotica video art programme curated by Daniel Mckernan and Richie Rennt. Screenings include the MIX Festival, New York City (2007), Collective Unconscious, New York City (2008), OUTFEST Platinum section, Los Angeles, YBCA, San Francisco, Cineteca Nacional, Mexico City and the Horse Hospital, London (2009). Image courtesy of Christian Tecchio

The image above is from an ongoing series of collaborations with the photographer Hector de Gregorio.

it was included recently in the exhibition Poetic Madness and the Romantic Imagination at Rise Berlin Gallery

I was recently invited to collaborate on  The SPILL Performance Tarot as part of SPILL 2009. The project brought together an array of maverick artists from around the world in order to create a new deck of tarot cards

Working with photographer Manuel Vason, each artist was invited to re-stage a tarot card from the major arcana. Artists  collaborating on this project were Ron Athey, Vaginal Davis, Marissa Carnesky, Franko B, Raimund Hoghe, Robert Pacitti, Lois Keidan, Lee Adams, Carla Esperanza Tommasini, Sheila Ghelani, Oreet Ashery, Rajni Shah, Noblesse Oblige, Grace Ellen Barkey, Harminder Singh Judge, Kira O'Reilly, Helena Hunter, Empress Stah, Dominic Johnson, Julia Bardsley, Manuel Vason and Yann Marussich

These images are now available to buy as a beautiful limited edition deck of cards, wrapped in black velvet and presented in a specially designed box. For more information or to order a copy of the tarot deck please visit The SPILL Festival 2009 website

The World premiere of all 22 of the Major Arcana card images in large-scale format and the 56 Minor Arcana on limited edition uncut printer's sheets will be exhibited at the Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University as part of the exhibition Looking Aside - Eventhood and the documentation of performance

Peter Scott Gallery Website

Visions of Excess London described by Lyn Gardner in The Guardian as ‘One of the most unmissable events of the year’

was commissioned by Spill Festival 2009 and presented at SHUNT Vaults on Easter Sunday

The 12 hour non-stop event was a sell-out success. A beautiful 1 hour DVD documenting the event, filmed by Manuel Vason and Luiz Guilherme has been produced by the Live Art Development Agency and is available to buy online from the Unbound bookshop

Documentation courtesy of  Richard J Anderson, Ashley and Regis Hertrich can be found on the Visions of Excess Page

Visions of Excess was reviewed by Joao Florencio for Dance Theatre Journal and by Michele Occelli for KCTV

It was also featured in the SPILL Festival publication On Agency edited by Robert Pacitti & Sheila Ghelani

This website has recently been nominated as part of ‘The Live Art Collection - The Live Art Development Agency and the British Library’s UK Web Archiving project

The Live Art Collection reflects some of the diverse practices and approaches of artists today and the curatorial, cultural and critical frameworks that exist to support, promote and comment upon Live Art and the ephemeral nature of this area of practice

The collection is free to access and can be viewed by visiting the online portal at

Image from A History of Ecstasy commissioned by Museo Madre and the Napoli Teatro Festival, June 2009.

Directed by Ron Athey and also featuring Vaginal Davis, Julie Tolentino, Pigpen, Mouse and Ernesto Tomasini with music by Othon Mataragas

Bestiary - Lee Adams, 2007/8, UK/USA, video, colour sound, 4:21 min, North American Premiere

Bestiary was recorded during a live performance at the Cock in NYC in November 2007. The performance featured a giant white rabbit (a nocturnal creature, signifying the moon who dies every morning and is resurrected every evening) involved in a Hermetic act of self-sacrifice, referencing Yukio Mishima’s famous Seppuku (ritual disembowelment)

The video footage, shot by Slava Mogutin, has been warped and twisted to create a grotesque, psychedelic, kaleidoscopic vision, a bestiary of monstrous imaginings dredged from the depths of the collective unconscious using a process inspired by British occultist, artist and father of Chaos Magic Austin Osman Spare.  The soundtrack ‘It’s in My Blood’ by COIL is used with the kind permission of Peter Christopherson

Screening on Thursday 19th November, 10pm  THIS SCREENING HAS NOW SOLD OUT

part of the Luminous Darkness programme Curated by Daniel McKernan

TrT: c. 62 min

The MIX Factory

125 W. 21st Street (between 6th & 7th)

Photographs from my performance of Bestiary at The Cock, NYC in November 2007 have recently been published in Slava Mogutin’s new monograph NYC Go-Go with an accompanying essay by Bruce Benderson

Powerhouse Books

A major new exhibition by the founders of Mouvement Panique - Alejandro Jodorowsky and Roland Topor alongside a new wave of contemporary artists creating a live 3-hour Panic inspired happening during the opening night, the aftermath of this event will then take the form of the exhibition. Exhibition also features works by Cristobal Jodorowsky, Celia Arias Gonzalez, Maria Almena, James Elphick, and many more

I will be performing the live version of Bestiary at the Private View on Friday 13th Nov 2009

Mouvement Panique was a collective formed by Fernando Arrabal, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Roland Topor in Paris in 1962. Inspired by and named after the god Pan, and influenced by Luis Buñuel and Antonin Artaud's Theatre of Cruelty, the group concentrated on chaotic happenings to release destructive energies in search of peace and beauty

Part of the Alejandro Jodorowsky season 3rd – 28 November curated by Guerrilla Zoo

Visions of Excess Copenhagen was commissioned by Warehouse 9 and presented as part of the International Performance Art Festival 2009, curated by Jørgen Callesen and Gritt-Uldall Jesse. The night featured performances and durational / interactive performance installations by Kira O’Reilly, Lee Adams, Dominic Johnson, Lazlo Pearlman and Mouse

Lusus Naturare: Porca Miseria and the Spectacle of Shamelessness. This short article, written as a post-performance reflection on the five hour durational action Porca Miseria has been published in the Circus edition (February 2010) of the journal Stimulus Respond

It can be downloaded as a pdf below

Uncensored images deemed too explicit for Stimulus Respond are published here for the first time

Photographer Rafael Perez-Evans, digital operator Monika Elkelv

Image courtesy of Justyna K Kabala

Visions of Excess

We are pleased to announce the DVD featuring documentation from Visions of Excess,

produced for SPILL Festival 2009 at SHUNT Vaults, London has been published by the

Live Art Development Agency and is now available to buy from the Unbound bookshop

Visions of Excess was a non-stop, 12 hour voyage into the heart of darkness,

a communion with the ragged spirit of Georges Bataille, exploring the philosophers

key themes of death, eroticism and the forbidden

Curated by Ron Athey and Lee Adams, and hosted by David Hoyle the event featured

live performances, installations, film screenings and DJs. This DVD filmed by Manuel Vason

and Luiz Guilherme features excerpts from work by Franko B, Ron Athey, Bruce La Bruce,

Julie Tolentino, Lee Adams, Gio Black Peter, Christophe Chemin, Peter Christopherson,

Zackary Drucker, Flawless Sabrina, Dominic Johnson, Mouse, Kira O'Reilly, L.Gabrielle Penabaz,

Lazlo Pearlman, SmaxXx, Suka Off, Samantha Sweeting, and Veenus Vortex

Lee Adams, Ron Athey and Live Art Development Agency 2010,  DVD-PAL, 57 minutes

Homoccult and Other Esoterotica. Screening at Xposed Film Festival Berlin

Thursday 17 June 2010. 15.30


Weserstr. 206 12047, Berlin Neukölln

Lee Adams was featured in this new book by photographer Dean Stockings

Sofa So Naked was photographed between 2004 and 2005 and is available in book format for the first time exclusively through

Homoccult and Other Esoterotica screening at Antimatter Film Festival, Canada

Thursday 14 October 2010. 9pm

Open Space Arts Centre

510 Fort St.

Victoria, British Columbia

V8W 1E6


Through a Glass Darkly – The short films of Lee Adams

Friday 10th December 2010

10pm – 11.30pm
The London Underground Film Festival hosts a screening of my short films
and performance documentation at The Horse Hospital, London.
The programme features In Advance of a Broken Arm, The Sacred
Conspiracy, The Language of Flowers, Bestiary, Porca Miseria, Bindu Point and Ordeal by Roses.
followed by a discussion with David Sharkey

The Horse Hospital
Colonnade, Bloomsbury

The festival is a week long celebration of obscure, low budget, genreless and recycled films featuring William S. Burroughs, Morgan Beringer, Evangelia Christakou, Patricia MacCormack and many more

London Underground Film Festival

Image - Death Communion (2008) Hector De Gregorio

SPILL Tarot Exhibition. Barbican Centre, London

18th - 24th April 2011

In 2009, SPILL commissioned a collaboration between Pacitti Company, photographer Manuel Vason, designer Justin Weyers and 22 contemporary mavericks to each

re-stage a tarot card. The result is a limited edition SPILL Tarot Pack

The images feature Ron Athey, Lee Adams, Marisa Carnesky, Franko B, Raimund Hoghe, Robert Pacitti, Lois Keidan, Carla Esperanza Tommasini, Sheila Ghelani, Oreet Ashery, Rajni Shah, Noblesse Oblige, Vaginal Davis, Grace Ellen Barkey, Harminder Judge, Kira O’Reilly, Helena Hunter, Empress Stah, Dominic Johnson, Julia Bardsley, Manuel Vason and Yann Marussich

This exhibition is a large format photographic display of the full deck of cards:

22 Major Arcana images, and the uncut printers’ sheets of the Minor Arcana

The Monster in the Night of the Labyrinth and Visions of Excess are screening at the Surreal Nightmares event curated by Robin Spalding at SHUNT, 19th - 20th November 2010

One of my favourite London bookstores Donlon Books now stocks copies of the DVDs

Monster in the Night of the Labyrinth and Visions of Excess

both titles are also available online from the Unbound Bookshop:

Featuring films by SUPERM (Slava Mogutin & Brian Kenny), Todd Verow, Roberto Ratti, Terence Koh, Daniel McKernan & Richie Rennt, The Threshold Houseboys Choir (Peter Christopherson), Black Sun Productions, Edward O'Dowd, Micki Pellerano, Lukas Beyeler, Matt Lambert, Ron Athey, JodyJock, Luigi & Luca, Bruce LaBruce & Gio Black Peter, Murphy Maxwell, Dominic Johnson, Lee Adams, Skye Thorstenson, Zackary Drucker, and Genesis & Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge

Friday, 6 April (Good Friday) 8 pm. Screening of Volume 1

Saturday, 7 April. 8 pm. Screening of Volume 2

Sunday, 8 April (Easter Sunday) 5.15 pm. Screening of Volume 1

7 pm. Screening of Volume 2. 8.30 - 9 Curator's Q & A

Music "AYOR" courtesy of COIL. used with permission

New trailer for Chicago screening at S&S Project. Easter weekend 2012.Click the link below:

Bruce LaBruce has invited me to DJ at the London launch of his new book Bruce(X)ploitation on 5th April 2012

The Green Carnation, 5 Greek Street, London W1D 4DD. Doors 7pm / Free Entry

Choronzon - live DJ set at Battlefields. 26th May 2012 + Franko B and At Night We Cry

Filming in Epping Forrest for Hermes Pittakos new film

with Helen Spackman, Michele Occelli, Ashleigh Halliburton and Ron Athey. May 2012

Photography courtesy of Pennie Key

Still life from photo shoot with Predrag Pajdic for his new book Beneath the Shadows the Soul Walks

Image: © Predrag Pajdic, 2012